How to train while at home?

Lots of us are sitting at home during the current quarantine, gyms have closed and we're left to stay inside. "How can we possibly stay fit?" you might ask. Well, we have the solution, target all muscle groups with our revolutionary EssentiaGym Tube Set!

Introducing the EssentiaGym Tube Set

This set consists out of resistance bands with different resistance levels which makes it possible for you to train on your own level. With the bands you can isolate your muscles just like you would do at the gym. Getting in shape at home has never been this easy!

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Wide variety of exercises – get in shape with just one accessory!

With the Resistance Tube Set you can work on every muscle group with an endless number of exercises, you can do squats, bicep curls etc. This is the only fitness accessory you'll need to get in shape!

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Achieve the body of your dreams!

More Than Just A Brand.

We are about more than just one product. Our mission is to make your fitness life more convenient. Using our set, we hope you can crush your fitness goals and achieve the body of your dreams. We hope our product can positively influence your life!